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Helping women stay active at work or play.

Does chronic pain keep you from doing what you love to do?

Is physical exercise essential to your health and happiness, but chronic pain is keeping you from doing it?

If so, you’re in the right place!

Vikki consulting with a client.
Client getting shoulder massage.

Get long-lasting relief with soft tissue treatment — far more than a relaxing massage.

For over 20 years, I have helped active women get the most out of their lives through therapeutic massage and bodywork.

My unique approach is far more than a “spa” massage. It is a personalized process — a therapeutic series of treatments that gets long-lasting results. How? By releasing the source of the pain and stiffness, not just relieving the symptoms.

I understand how chronic physical pain is also emotionally painful and draining. That’s why, after working with me, my clients not only get relief from the pain — and gain greater mobility. They also go on to enjoy a healthy, active life — free from the fear of having to give up what they love to do.

"I am back to the active life I love!"

I love doing yoga, but shoulder and wrist pain made yoga painful instead of enjoyable. Now, because of Vikki’s skillful touch, I am back to the active life I love!


"No surgeries — no worries!"

Vikki got to the source of my chronic back and neck pain (something multiple surgeries were not able to do). Her Skillful Touch process means I’m now able to enjoy my active life and not worry about the pain and discomfort anymore!

Patty Horridge

"I got out of bed this morning without any pain!"

Vikki, you are a miracle worker! For the first time in a long time, I got out of bed this morning without any pain!


"Long-term pain relief — AND increased range of motion!"

Vikki applied various techniques that finally relieved my chronic shoulder pain. The results have been long-term relief AND increased range of motion! I 100% recommend Vikki!    

Mary Kay Bailey

"My back and hip pain are in the past!”

Vikki got to the source of my low back and hip pain that were keeping me from doing the exercises that I loved. That pain is now in the past! I cannot say enough positive things about Vikki and her therapeutic process!

Cathy Leary

Since health and well-being is a priority for you, call now for a free, no obligation consultation.

Let’s discover how I can help you get relief from the pain — and keep the pain away — so you can feel your physical and emotional best!

Stay in touch to receive valuable massage tips and announcements.

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