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Helping active women relieve their pain so they can keep doing what they love to do.
Vikki massaging a client's arm.

“Assess, Not Guess!” The process begins with a full assessment.

The purpose of this assessment is to identify the points of pain, tension, and limited range of motion in your body— and to identify the source of those pains and limitations. Finding the cause of the problem is key, because often the painful symptoms are not the cause of the pain!


I look at your whole body’s structure. I check your everyday standing posture and body alignment. I check your muscle strength and range of motion. All of this helps me see what might be feeding into your symptoms and the cause of the pain.

Step 01

Vikki massaging a client's neck.

Not until the full assessment is complete do I begin the hands-on portion of the massage therapy session. That’s because there is no reason to start work until we know where the work really needs to be done!

Step 02

Vikki extending a client's leg.

After the hands on portion of the session you will receive self-care instructions. It includes “homework” I give you to do in between sessions. This includes stretching, strengthening, and self-care tips for faster and longer-lasting results.

After working with me, like my other clients, you can expect to feel greater ease and comfort as you return to your normal, active life.

Step 03

This is a manual therapy process for long-lasting results — not a one-time “spa” experience.

Skillful Touch Massage is dedicated to helping active women get the most out of their lives through therapeutic massage. This unique treatment process gets to the source of the physical pain that keeps them from moving and exercising the way they want.


  • 1.5 Hours

    (Includes a thorough intake and assessment and a full 60 minute massage.)


  • 1 Hour

    (Abbreviated assessment plus 60 minute massage.)


  • 1.25 Hours

    (Abbreviated assessment plus 75 minute massage.)


  • 1.5 Hours

    (Abbreviated assessment plus 90 minute massage.)


  • 6 Sessions

    $630.00 (Normally $750.00. Save $120.)

  • Each Additional 15 Minutes


Sign Up for Your “Move with Ease” Series—and Save 16%!

After years of offering my personalized treatment process, I know that clients get the most effective results from a series of 6 – 8 sessions. Sign up for this VIP package after the initial consultation and we’ll define the optimum treatment plan for your specific issue. You’ll get the best results … and you’ll save money, too!
Vikki sitting on a couch and smiling.
Learn more about your licensed massage therapist and owner of Skillful Touch Massage, Vikki Howard.

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