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Support Your Immune System

I hope you folks are doing well and not going stir crazy from best practices such as social distancing during this crazy time in our lives.

One day last week,  I had to get up and move around from sitting too long reading news about COVID 19 and in particular about how to apply for Disaster Relief Loans. I went outside into my yard and saw something jaw dropping—


You see the photo above? Yes, that has been one of the highlights of staying home- watching these caterpillars in a feeding frenzy on my Butterfly Weed in my yard. Oh my goodness, the excitement knowing these lovely creatures will transform into beautiful butterflies.

I miss working on you folks and since I can not do hands on therapy right now to help you relieve stress, reduce your aches and pains, I am sending you this most current issue of the BODY SENSE MAGAZINE for self care.

I want to thank you for your business by sharing this complimentary issue of Body Sense magazine.

Technology has certainly put us in touch with important information on preventive measures for spreading the COVID-19 virus, such as washing our hands and avoiding contact with those who are sick. However, much of the information is ignoring an essential part to staying healthy—boosting our immune system.

I am excited to discuss any of the information you find inside, and look forward to the day we can see each other in person again.




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