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Thank you for your support!

Wow, Snow in Texas. What da ya know? Hi there folks, I hope you are hanging in there during this Polar Vortex and I hope you have water and power to keep you warm, hydrated and clean. This is not an educational newsletter like others in the past. This is a  big thank you to all of you. To all of my massage clients who stuck with me throughout this pandemic going on now for more than 1 year.

This is also a big thank you to Frost Bank in San Antonio, TX who easily and efficiently processed and approved my PPP loan. Also a big thank you to the non profit organization called Lift Fund who in partnership with San Antonio Recovery Grant, issued me a business grant. All of the above financial assistance helped me to stay afloat as a business owner who was able to meet my basic needs- housing, food, power and water. I am so blessed, fortunate, and all so grateful for the business support and financial assistance.

This thank you letter should have been sent out sooner, but please accept my apologies for being a procrastinator and a perfectionist. I get in my own way. New year motto—Progress over Perfection.

I am in business. If you need me to help you with your aches and pains or to help you de-stress please call me or email me.   Also email me back to keep me posted on how you are being and doing.


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