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The Strength of My Work is Not My Strength

A common perception in our world is that more is better. More power and more strength are looked on favorably. If there’s a problem we want to use all of our strength and power to fix it.

A more effective and efficient solution is often accomplished by using less strength. How is that possible?

First it’s important to understand what is causing your pain or impaired function. My education in massage is far beyond the minimum Texas requirements. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort to continue my education after my formal school program ended. I am well trained in your muscles and their functions. Through my continuing education I have learned techniques that will help restore optimal function and reduce pain.  Most importantly, I am able to reduce pain and stiffness without brute force.

Have you ever tried to move something heavy but you can’t on your own? Often it can be moved with a lever and a bar with far less effort. Heavy items can be moved more easily if you load them on a cart or something with wheels.  Bulky items can be moved with ease if they are loaded on a raft or boat on the water.

Strength is not the solution for everything. You can get a deep massage with a lot of pressure that leaves you sore afterwards with mixed results. Or you can get a massage using enough pressure from somebody who understands the real issue and uses techniques that are designed to solve the problem.

You can use all your strength to crack an egg. The egg will indeed crack, but you end up with a mess instead of the result you really want.

So when you come in you will notice that I’m not a bodybuilder or physically imposing. I’ll use my strength – which is a combination of knowledge, technique, and physical strength – to get you the results you want.

See you soon! 



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